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關於Yves Yvette Yva Tsou

Hi there, I'm Yves.

A fun, young, creative youth from Taipei.

I am a self-proclaimed Fashionalista, Musicholic, Language Freak, Art-Lover and Globe-Trotter. I'm currently a free lance translator (English - Mandarin Chinese) and an art director for my photographer friend's. Before, I've been working at my school's student radio station for three years and have quite a lot of related experience in writing and conducting a program. The genres of the shows I've hosted are quite dispearsed. From Musical to African Music, from Talk Show to Music DJing, my creativity explodes and blooms while doing all these different kinds of show.

Art is Love, Language is Life

I like Art. Visiting art galleries and cntemporary museum is one of my hobby. Aside from artsy places galleries and museums, I like to go to some artistic places like a well-designed bookstores, a cafes which contains the aesthetism and concept of the owner and some beautiful parks that I could sit, absorb its artistic aura and contemplate. Language is another thing that I am fond of, for me language is not only a tool to communicate with people from al over the world it is also a key to acquaint other culture. I am available in four languages, which are Mandarin Chinese, English, French and Turkish. Learning languages helps me a lot while traveling, another thing I'm engaged in.

Travel is my belief.

I take wandering as a romantic thing to engage in. I love to travel by backpacking, going to somewhere outside my comfort zone, meeting new peoples (locals or other travelers) and delving into local culture! So far, I've been to 26 states all around the world, I've volunteered in Missionaries of Charity in Mumbai, India twice while I was 20, I've been living in France as an exchange student for one year, I've been doing field research and safari with my university mates in Tanzania and I've been taking on a road trip in Iceland just for fulfilling my childhood dream... Travel is what nurtures me the most, and now I'm about to ruminate. I would like to offer you travelers the exact same treatment that my friends, couchsurfing hosts, tour guides all around the world treat me. As a fun-loving local, I know exactly what is the best of Taipei, especially when it comes to art and culture's aspect. Come join me and I will definitely try my best to fulfill your expectation!

Iceland Roadtrip, Somewhere near Geysir

Ellora, India

Hopping with the Masai, Ngorongoro, Taznania

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